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Medium Farm Server Yabancı Server Dün Acıldı Level 70 Cap

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LAUNCH TIME: 1st Of May 2014, 20:00 GMT+2 -> Count Down Timer (click me)
Server Location (For those that would like to use WTFast): Canada - Quebec.
I welcome you all to Bazinga KO. Server is easy to farm and easy to exp, fairly easy to upgrade. So .. info's below

Style: 70 cap, Easy farm, Easy EXP, No Custom items except Bazinga shield ... I couldn't resist making at least one item ^^
Home Page with Download Links: BazingaKO
Anvil Rates and Drop List accessable at this link: Anvil & Drops
Client Download Link (Click Me)
Registrations Are Now Opened. All New Users Will Receive 3 Days Free BAZINGA Premium

Server is colony zone based. You can still to choose to play in main zones but nothing but emptyness awaits you there :P There is no eslant, there is no delos. All bosses in CZ are doubled except isiloon is only one in center of the bowl. You need to get master at 60 which is to easy, cause there are mobs spawning per 45 min around cz droping random master item, and master bosses per 2h in bowl that has 100% master item drop rate. 70 Skill is automatic. Passive master skills require skill points.

Atrosses and Riotes also Blood Dons but those with lower rate. Are dropping Bazinga shield, and Mage and Priest's DDs +3/13.
Trinas drop ingame aswell with low rate from any kind of boss, Dark Mare, Bazinga (FT Items) mobs, Atrosses.
Sundries sells: 1500 HP/ 300 AC SC (31,5M), 1000 HP SC (1,4M), 150 AC SC (45k), AP SC (7,2M), Swift Potion (450k)

Please check Drop list for more details.
1-59 1
60 1000000
61 2000000
62 3000000
63 4000000
64 5000000
65 10000000
66 12000000
67 14000000
68 16000000
69 18000000
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