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▌▌▌▌► ► ► Moria Empire ◄ ◄ ◄ ▌▌▌▌ Official : 13.6.2014 - 8:00 Pm G

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Official ll be on at 13.6.2014 Friday / 08:00PM - GMT+2(Europe/Istanbul)

Hello everyone,

I am an engineer, trust me :p

Our Dedicated Server (Not VDS/VPS etc.):

E3-1230 v3 CPU
Win. 2008 via 64-bit Operating System
SQL 2008 Server

* Version 1299
* All Skills are working

* Integrated support system!
* Integrated change leader of clan at panel!
* Integrated donations to clan(nps) system!
* Integrated automatic knight cash for active players!

Panel : Moria Empire
Forum : Moria Empire

Client : Download

Announcements : Announcements

Drop List : Drop List
Upgrade Rates : Upgrade Rates

Free 100.000 Knight Cash at Beta.

Moria Empire is a Light Farm/Pk Server, Max Level is 83, skills are working. Upgrade probability is +9 and jewels +3 but not easy. Myko style drops[but easy], server is running in Dedi. We are using private design as can be seen [Panel]. Using Soacs anti-cheat, Event Supported by active GM's.

I need some ppls & players for developments (ll give an idea).

Beta is released for developments. Thanks everyone.

Support System :

Transfer to Clan :

1 VS 1 Event :

Trivia Event :

Lastman Standing Event :

Rival System :

Donations to Clan (NPs) :

Others :

You can view VS's at NPC

You can view RonarkLand Rankings :

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