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Bloodko+Plus [Beta 08.06.2014 Offical 14.06.2014] Breth & Piana - Bloodko.net

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Hello dear knight online lovers , as BLoodko team our first BLoodKo server was online from 2007 - 2010 and the players liked our server very much. At the first I want to inform everyone that after 2010 all the servers called BLoodKo has nothing with us. We worked 6 months on our server and we are very proud to announce you our 1098 Version with the best quality Myko Server. Are you Ready for an endless FUN ! For more information you can follow ous on our facebook page
Click here to go to the official facebook fan page !

İp : bloodko.net
ts : ts3.bloodko.netForum : forum.bloodko.netWebsite : BLoodko New MyKo Server
Facebook : BLoodko Facebook Page


-Original Moradon, Piana, Brethine and Colonoy Zone Maps
-Immersive gaming system
-Orijianel MyKo Exp Slots, Exp Rate and Upgrade Rates
-Professional and Knowledgeable Staff
-Bdw and Forget-Temple Systems
-Hassle Old and New Combat Systems
-Hassle Kingdom System

- Cloak System to Be Active in the coming days
- Chitin Shell System to Be Active in the coming days
- Walkyria and Hera System to Be Active in the coming days
- Upgrade +8 Items to Be Active in the coming days
- Juraid Mountain System to Be Active in the coming days
- Bilfrost System to Be Active in the coming days
- Advanced Pusan ​​itemleriilerle in the Days to Be Active
- And a lot more innovation in the coming days is waiting for you.

Border Defance War
THAT the struggle of two races 1 er party is an event . Monument intersecting race wins. According to the number of Monumentl kill superiority can not be achieved .
Juraid Mountain
Juraid uskoda event is an ongoing event . Cutting floors located on each floor creatures are skipped. At the end of the third floor is accessed in a common area and two races come into conflict with one another .
want players who want to bet on the player in exchange for an online challenge. Winner gets the amount bet .
Capture the Flag
This event falls in the bowl as it shears to cut any 5 of 9 monster race wins and wins awards .
Kill the GM Event
This event will appear in the Gm and Gm cuts promised awards are given to members .
Answer questions
This question is asked by notice to you at the event and the first correct answer to the question allchat player who wins the prize .
Forgotten temple
Finding Monster
Cz coordinates of any cuts people find a discarded monster first win this event .

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