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Hello Guys, sorry i don't speak turkish, i am using google translate to browse this forum but google translate sucks.  there are a lot of errors and it's very hard to understand you guys. 

I hope you can understand me.

Is there any way to do multi-client in Zone Myko server?  I did multcileint using PCHunter and closing all the "mutants" in the "threads", however Zonemyko will give error reading files after a couple of minutes and crashing both clients.  It is not very stable doing multicleint using this this method, anyone has a better method?  

I have tried using Vmware also but VMware is very very slow, it is not playable.


ALso are there any working Tbl skill hacks for preist/archer on Zone Myko?  and are there any working bots or KOXP for Zone MYko server? thank you!

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